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Tatau Awards is a monthly competition, rewarding the best Polynesian tattoos done by top artists, all over the world.
Tattoos are voted both by a jury of artists and by the public.

The results are set in 2 categories:
- Artists’ Choice
- Public's Choice

Participating artists are listed by country on the "Artists" page, with their addresses and pictures of nominated tattoos.



Every month we review an average of 600 to 800 new Polynesian tattoo pictures posted by tatau artists of Facebook, and we pre-select about 150 to 200 of them. 
Of this pre-selection, we nominate the top 100, based on the quality and originality of the design, and the tattoo technique. 

These nominees participate in 2 competitions: one is happening on a Facebook public album where every visitor can vote by clicking "Heart".  Another one is happening on a Facebook private album where only tatau artists can participate. An average of 50 tatau artists usually participate in the voting panel every month. 

The competition voted by the public is called People's Choice. The one voted by tatau artists only is called Artists' Choice. 


Go to the Tatau of the Month Facebook page, and post your pictures on your wall or send by PM. Only recent Polynesian tattoos can be submitted (completed within the two previous months).

  • only Polynesian style

  • only recent works (completed by the last 2-3 months)

  • only original works (no copy)

For each picture, please indicate the name of the artist, the name of the studio, the city and country.
Artists can submit several pictures but only one can be nominated per competition.
The pictures must be as natural as possible; please no heavily edited pictures. 

To the artists: If one of your works has been nominated and you do not want to participate in the competition, please let us know by personal message and we will remove your picture right away.


On the wall of the Tatau of the Month Facebook page, you'll see the album of the Nominees of the Month. Open the album, browse the photos, and click "heart" (this is the heart emoji) on the ones you want to vote for. 1 heart = 1 vote. You may vote for as many pictures as you want.


The winners are the photos which get the most ”hearts”.
The results of the competitions are posted at the end of each competition in the Winners section.


All images belong to their respective owners unless otherwise stated. 
Tatau Awards doesn’t claim ownership to any of these photos.  

FOR PHOTO OWNERS: If you happen to see your work posted here, and you do not want it to be, and you want it removed, just email us with the link of the photo.  We will remove your picture right away.

The Tatau Awards and Tatau of the Month labels and logos belong to Tatau Awards.
They  can only be used by artists whose work have been nominated for a Tatau Awards competition.


This site is in English.  Non-English speakers may use Google automated translation.  Machine translation is far from perfect, but it can help get a general idea of the content in our pages.

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