Artists of the Year 2018-2019

Top 20 out of 203 nominees:  Jury of 50, international artists specializing in polynesian tattooing.

Dmitry Babakin

1st place:  Dmitry Babakin

Anikaaro Harawira

2nd place: Anikaaro Harawira

3rd place: Turumakina

Mau Tamarii

4th place: Mau Tamarii

Raniero Patutiki

5th place: Manureva

6th place: Raniero Patutiki

Calen Paris

7th place: Jean-Michel

8th place: Calen Paris

Gordon Toi

9th place: Gordon Toi

Omar Santos

10th place: Omar Santos


11th place: Angelos


12th place: Heeds

Shane Coley

13th place: Shane Coley

Chris Higgins

14 place: Chris Higgins

Jeroen Franken

15th place: Jeroen Franken


16th place: Michelangelo

Jason Teitinga

17th place: Jason Teitinga

Iris Bley

18th place: Iris Bley


19th place: Patu

Elle Festin

20th place: Elle Festin